and be a part of the shift of the coaching industry.


This is for you if:

  • You're already a leader who walks their talk.

  • You’re a coach (or want to be!) and are ready to take your leadership to the next level.

  • You have an understanding of energy and want to work with it to create maximum results in yourself and others.

  • You're aware that consciousness is rising on the planet and know you're here to help with this process.

  • You’re looking to skyrocket your impact & client results.

  • You’re ready for some next-level personal transformation and coaching tools that will help you and every person you touch become a better leader, influencer, and conscious human being.

  • You’re wanting to cut through all the “noise” in the coaching world, and help uplevel the integrity of the coaching industry in 2021 and beyond. 

Hey, I'm Natalie!

I'm a sought-after energy coach & trainer to leaders & world-changers like you, all over the globe. I'm also the creator of the With Heart Energy Coach Certification.

In my own coaching practice, I use a unique blend of energy, science, & spirituality to coach my clients to maximum results.

I now train coaches like you to do exactly what I do, by taking you through a unique transformational program, then teaching you an 8-Pillar system that will skyrocket your confidence and client results, no matter what your niche or genre.

Everything is energy. Therefore, every problem is an energetic one. 

Here's what a couple of my clients have to say about working with me: 

“I’ve worked with a lot of life coaches over the years. Natalie has something that’s very unique. I’ve had massive shifts – her work is on a completely different level.”

-S.A., Corporate Director of R & D

“I saw massive results in just the first two weeks of working with Natalie. I felt stronger, and like my energy was more streamlined than ever before.  Now, after 2 and a half months, I am feeling consistently motivated, clear, powerful and connected.”

-M.G., Corporate Director of Operations

"Coaching with Natalie has been a GAME – CHANGER for me.  It’s amazing how many tools I’ve gotten from this."

"Your energy and guidance is unlike any other! You have such a gift that everyone needs to come across!"

-D.G., Business Owner

"“I am speechless right now. My session with Natalie was so incredible. It filled in some last pieces of the puzzle in my life that I have not been able to figure out. I would have literally paid ANYTHING for a session like that!“"

-Sarah Kay Hoffman, Social Influencer
'A Gutsy Girl'


Everything is energy. 

Therefore, every problem is an energetic one.


Imagine if you:

  • Felt unshakably confident in your skills as a leader, coach, and guide.
  • Knew exactly how to coach each client that comes your way.
  • Became an industry leader with high level coaching skills.
  • Could teach energetic and spiritual principles in a tangible, practical way that land with every person you speak to.

"I can’t believe the difference in how confident I feel now as a coach showing up for people now!  I feel so much more powerful and so much more confident and present!"

- Leanne Lopez Mosley, With Heart Certified Energy Coach™
'The Productivity Queen'

With this certification you'll learn:

  • The 8 core pillars of energy coaching.
  • Next-level transformational tips and tools.
  • How to create maximum results in yourself and with your clients.
  • The 3 spheres of energy, and how they have an impact on you and your clients.
  • How to find and coach energy blocks in your clients.
  • How to coach relationship issues with ease.
  • How to coach any challenge.
  • Tools to access your intuition instantly, and teach your clients to do the same.
  • The science of change, why people have a hard time with change, and what to do about it.
  • The basics of building a 6-figure coaching business as an energy coach.

“As someone that has been a coach for over a decade and
someone that considers himself a lifelong learner, working with Natalie was how I was finally able to understand what it

meant to be in alignment with love, wisdom, and truth.

If you are new to coaching or a seasoned vet looking for a coaching program that will exponentially transform your coaching practice Natalie is the right coach for you."

-M.L., High Performance Energy Coach for Pro Athletes & Executives

"My work with Natalie has been the most transformative work I have experienced, and I have worked with therapists and other coaches.  Natalie holds a powerful energy of integrity, love, and compassion.  Her dedication to each of her clients transformation is unmatched by any other experience I have ever had.  Natalie teaches and requires this same level of high integrity, love and compassion to each of her coaches in training." -M.C., Business Owner and Coach

“The work I have done with Natalie, has been the most transformative of my life. I always knew I was meant to live an impactful life, but was easily overwhelmed. Natalie coached me to develop new tools to create a more expanded awareness, and I now know exactly what I am here to do. Thank you Natalie, for saying yes to your purpose and for giving others the courage to say yes to theirs." -T.J., Self-Love Coach and Podcast Host

“I was already a really great coach. I have 15 years coaching experience. And this training has changed the game for me. It’s taking my coaching to the NEXT LEVEL.” -K.M., Corporate Coach & Trainer

“Natalie this training is EVERYTHING. It will absolutely change the world. This work is beautiful and powerful beyond measure.

“Natalie, you have helped shake me into such a purpose driven coach - which is ultimately exactly what I came here to do.”

-L.M., Energy Coach & Corporate Trainer

With this training, you’re not just getting a certification.

You’re joining a movement.

“I believe that the training Natalie has created is crucial to expand the world of coaching and personal development. I am forever grateful for this process and I recommend it to any and everyone who is here doing big things."


“Natalie is creating a coaching program that is unmatched by any other and, as such, will afford an opportunity for healing and transformation at a level this is also unmatched."

“Natalie has raised the standard in the coaching industry. To say that I’m blown away with the
personal transformations and the results of working with her in her ongoing coaching program
would be an understatement."



What's Included in the Certification:

  • 6 months of training led by Natalie Ehmka, including bi-weekly group training calls, access to the group pod with guided training curriculum, and access to the With Heart Certification Online Portal with all training materials. 

  • All transformational processes and materials for Term 1 and Term 2.
  • 3 months of coaching (12 1:1 sessions) with a Certified With Heart Energy Coach™.

  • 1- 3 day in-person retreat. *Travel to the retreat location not included.

  • Exclusive access to The Intuition Course with Natalie Ehmka, with additional tools and info on how to access your intuition and teach your clients to do the same. 

  • All certification materials & processes to become a With Heart Certified Energy Coach™, pending completion of all certification materials & processes.



“The transformational journey that happens within this sacred container sets the bar high for all world changers and people bringing light to the planet.” 

“If you are feeling called to this experience, trust that your soul is ready and say YES. I am forever grateful for this process and I recommend it to any and everyone who is here doing big things." 

“Putting this experience in words doesn’t do it full justice. This process has been, by far, the most magical process of my life.”

Check out the results these our coaches are seeing, before the program is even complete-

“During a free 30-minute call, this prospective client was not only so eager and motivated to work with me herself, she brought 3 more people in to work with me as well!

“I mix my unique coaching methodology with these energy pillars and consistently people are like, 'OMG! How do I work with you?' The power and energy in my calls now! -- the ripple is so powerful!" 

“The With Heart Energy Coaching is the perfect, real concrete tool that works with my message! It makes so much sense to put these two together!”

“I know we are all a part of a big movement that will change things as we know it. I am feeling so clear, aligned, and confident. I am so honored to be a part of this and stand alongside the most epic souls I could have ever imagined!

“My purpose has gotten SO CLEAR to me through this training! I can see the big vision now!

"Next month, I am launching my podcast and have never felt so purposeful."

"Thank you Natalie and to my coaching pod for holding me in the highest and loving me through the process of remembering who I am and what my purpose is.”

“I just finished my third call of a 4-week coaching container I’m holding and I feel SOOOO amazing!” 

“This is the most financial abundance I've ever received in 1 week in my entire life! (So far!) So grateful for this impeccable coaching container and training!”

“Just finished my 5th energy coaching call!! I’m now really seeing exactly who my avatar is! Thank you thank you thank you!"

"I feel like I've gotten so steady. I feel it in myself, and people have been reflecting it back to me too. I am more confident now, and I trust myself even more."


“Natalie's dedication to each of her clients' transformation is unmatched by any other experience I have ever had. She is a divine gift to our planet and is leading a charge of love that will continue to ripple love and healing forever.” -M.C., Business Owner and Coach

"Natalie is one of the most special people I have ever met. Natalie, you have shown me so much in my energetic field, and how to transform, and that is the greatest gift anyone could ask for. Thank you for being you. Thank you thank you thank you." -T.J., Self-Love Coach and Podcast Host

“Natalie holds herself to the highest integrity with pure love. If you are looking for someone that will honor the highest in you, and elevate the game you are playing in your life, Natalie is the coach for you."

-M.L., High Performance Energy Coach for Pro Athletes & Executives

Hey coach,

If you're feeling everything we said here, and are interested in joining the movement of With Heart Certified Energy Coaches unleashing in the world in 2021, click the button below to tell me more about you and apply!  

I can't wait to see you soon. 


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